Thursday, 7.28.22 NORTH HS - 8AM

Study materials will be available on this site June 17, 2022.

Access to study materials will not be available prior to that date due to second semester final exams.

**There is a $25 non-refundable application fee to test out

due upon application submission to the north office.

For classes that utilize a textbook, you may check one out in the

north office for the course in which you will be testing out.


The purpose of the “test out” option is to ensure that students are placed in challenging courses, and that academically able students have the opportunity for Advanced Placement, IB, and college dual enrollment options during their high school careers.

To demonstrate mastery through the “test out” option, students must attain a grade of not less than C+ on a final exam and any other test out requirements. In the absence of a final exam, the student may be required to demonstrate mastery through the assessment process used in the course. This assessment may consist of a portfolio, written papers, projects, or presentations.

Credit earned will be recorded as a “CR” grade and will not be included in a computation of the grade point average. The West Ottawa Board of Education has determined that successfully “testing out” of a course will count toward the credit graduation requirement and will also be counted toward the fulfillment of a required course sequence.

To sign up for Test Out, click here to complete a Test Out Application. More information regarding summer school will be posted in the near future.